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YiQiXing Dapp is based on the EOS public chain, It aims to build aims to build a transparent and based Chinese first-aid, universal database and mutual aid collaboration platform through distributed block bookkeeping and smart contract technology, which will provide first aid personnel with skills and first aid experience. , training and popularization are recorded on the blockchain, can be traced, can not be tampered with, avoid centralised emergency resource distribution, construct a new economic model through FAID Token, achieve value transfer among participating groups, and create good first aid awareness and skills Popularize the ecosystem. "Save" today, "Save" by your side!

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Rewards contributed first aid collaboration platform

  • Professional medical team service

    The YiQiXing first-aid blockchain relies on China's first professional medical doctors, medical practitioners, first-aid protection and sports injury rehabilitation doctors group, and has long been dedicated to various kinds of outdoor sports, travel, sports and other professional medical insurance, emergency training and training camps, and emergency nursing training. Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation treatment, ground and aviation medical escorts and other services. Get started and be safer!
  • Real blockchain application scenario

    Medical technicians, first-aid volunteers, ordinary people’s skills certification, training popularization, first-aid experience, medical insurance, etc. are recorded on the blockchain, and FADER Token is used to realize value transfer, and finally reach ordinary people, emergency personnel, and training institutions. Manufacturers, government agencies, and other parties win together to increase emergency coverage.
  • Perfect community platform ecology

    The difference between "YiQiXing" and traditional Internet health care services lies in the introduction of a blockchain-based native Token, FAID. We believe that all first-aid knowledge dissemination and implementation services should be incorporated into the Token incentive system. Through strong and flexible Token policies, they are used to motivate users' positive behaviors and form a good community platform ecosystem to increase the availability of emergency care. rate.

"Save" today, "Save" by your side!

What is first aid

In today's society, people are increasingly focusing on health and wellness. However, for the first aid knowledge, everyone's attention is not enough. The "Boston Marathon Blast", "The Bund Stampede", "Tianjin Binhai New Area Explosion" and "Tianshan Primary School Deaths" and other events have shown that there are dangers around us at any time.

When the demons of disaster suddenly come, how should we respond? Only when everyone has first-aid skills and rescues them at the first time can the tragedy be avoided.

Good Samaritan

In chapter 10 of the New Testament Luke, there is a parable of accidents. A Jewish man was robbed by a robber and was seriously injured. He was lying on the side of the road. There was a Samaritan who passed by. When he saw it, he moved with mercy. Heart, he stepped forward and added oil and wine to his wounds. He tied it up, helped him to ride his own animal, took him to the guest house and took care of him carefully.

The "Good Samaritan laws" is derived from this story. It is about the exemption from responsibility of the rescuer in the event of an emergency that causes the rescuer to cause some damage. The legal provisions. On November 1, 2016, the “Shanghai Emergency Medical Service Regulations” in Shanghai, China was formally implemented and “Good Human Law”.

First aid penetration rate

According to statistics, 80% in Germany and 40% in France; about 40% of the population in Australia have basic knowledge of first aid, 25% of households have standing first aid kits, and the American public basic emergency technology is 89.95%. The ratio of training for basic life support for CPR to the total population is 1/4 for the United States, 1/5 for Singapore, and 1/20 for Sydney. The prevalence rate of first aid knowledge for only middle school students in Japan is 92%.

However, the availability of first aid in China is less than 1%! The task of popularizing emergency services is still a long way to go.

FAID Token system

  • FAID is a real integral Token)

    The total number of FAIDs is 10 billion Tokens and will never increase. It is mainly used for the various service exchanges in the "doctors" platform ecosystem. We strictly abide by the relevant regulations, and all tokens are distributed to the participants of the “doctors” platform ecology through gifts, airdrops, etc. to share the ecological value.

  • Token Code


  • Quantity


  • Token distribution

    • 25% for promotion of operating pools
    • 40% for eco-incentive pool
    • 15% for team options
    • 20% for the Foundation for YiQiXing



Xu Zhenyu

Professor of Taipei Institute of Nursing and Tourism, Institute of Tourism and Health, Director of Founding Association of Taiwan Wilderness Region Emergency Rescue Association, Safety Committee Member of Taiwan Outreach Education Development Foundation, Consultant of China Aviation Medical Assistance and Rescue Alliance, Consultant of former Shanghai Jinhui General Aviation Medical Rescue Project, Chief Medical Adviser, Shandong Yantai 999 Air Ambulance, Academic Advisor, Aviation Medical Assistance, People's Liberation Army 101 Hospital, IAFCCP, Member of the American Association of International Aviation and Critical Care Medical Staff...

Richard Jones

Professor, University of Salford, UK
Professor at the University of Salford, UK, Director of the Gait and Biomechanics Laboratory, Leader in the Field of Knee Biomechanics and Joint Injury, and Director of the Department of Biomechanics at the Institute of Health and Sports Medicine, Manchester, UK, in Footwear, Orthopaedics, Pathology and He has published more than 100 papers in various fields such as healthy gait, skeletal muscle system and neurological disorders. He is an internationally renowned expert in the field of knee osteoarthritis...

Chen Yue

University of Southern California PhD
Clinical teacher of South Carolina Physical Therapy Department, United States Southern California Physical Therapy Clinical PhD (DPT), American Comprehensive Pilates Exercise Instructor (CPI), American Physical Therapy Association certified Orthopedic Clinical Expert (OCS), International Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Editor-in-Chief of the Guidebook, Consultant of the Olympic Committee of the National Sports Agency of China, Head of Damage Prevention and Rehabilitation/Optimization Performance of the China National Training Center...

Li Yan

Doctor of Medicine
He graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Second Military Medical University in 1995, graduated with a master's degree in urology from Nanjing Medical University in 2006, and graduated with a Ph.D. in emergency medicine from the Second Military Medical University in 2011. Member of the Critical Disease Quality Management Group of the Ninth Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch. He once served as the head of the medical protection team of China's 28th Antarctic Scientific Expedition to visit Antarctica. 2015.9-2016.4 As a visiting scholar, I went to Austria for surgical ICU training. He has been engaged in the clinical, teaching and scientific research of critical care emergency medicine for many years, and he is skilled in all kinds of emergency critical care technologies, especially for critically ill patients, and his specialty focuses on the treatment of patients with severe multiple injuries and sepsis. Obtained 1 item from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and published 5 SCI articles...

Xu Yuedong

Technical experts
Dr., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Postdoctoral and Associate Professor of the National Institute of Automation and Computer Science (INRIA), Tutor. Main research directions: Data-driven Internet content distribution research, smart mobile computing, blockchain and distributed network security...

Wu Shiyang

Legal counsel
Beijing Dacheng (Shanghai) Law Firm professional lawyer. Specialized fields: Internet, finance, contract law, company law, real estate, labor dispute disputes, etc...

Li Jinma

Blockchain Expert
Founder of XiaoMa Capital, Founder of the Coin Ring Golden Horse Awards, Founder of "JinMa Brings You To The Blockchain" Community, KOL, Knuckle Media, EOS Asia China Operations Leader...

Our Team

Zhang Bin

Yiqixing founder and Yeshealth co-founder. Internet veterans, serial entrepreneurs, blockchain, virtual currency enthusiasts, I walked APP founders, I fly drone club founders...

Wang Fang

Chief Medical Officer
Yeshealth founder. Ph.D., Orthopaedics, Dachanghai Hospital, Second Military Medical University, postdoctoral fellow of Shanghai Jiaotong University, postdoctoral fellow, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, associate professor of Nanjing Medical University, tutor of postgraduate student, deputy chief physician of traumatic orthopedics of Shanghai First People's Hospital, Shanghai trauma emergency center (city one point Assistant Director, Assistant Professor of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Stepping Hill Hospital, Young Member of Trauma Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Member of Traffic Injury and Trauma Database Research Group, Member of Surgical Committee of Shoulder and Elbow of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Member of Shanghai Medical Association Trauma Subcommittee, Shanghai Medical Association for Disaster Medicine, Youth Committee Member, China Society for Orthopaedics, International Society of Orthopaedic Association (SICOT), International Association of Internal Fixation (AO), AADO, National 973/863, National Natural Science Foundation/Ministry of Education 13 topics, participation in the completion of the Ministry of Education's first prize for scientific and technological progress, second prize of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, and one third of the Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awards...

Chu Tianyun

Chief Training Officer
Yeshealth co-founder. Attending physician, core lecturer of rescue training for Shanghai Red Cross Society, EMT tutor; AHA-HS tutor. Served as: China and Europe Outdoor Chief Medical Officer, Shanghai International Marathon Medical Protection Officer, China-Ogoo 12 Chenshan Trial Medical Security Officer, Hangzhou Lu Yu Shanzhuang Ge 12 Finals Medical Security Officer, Business School Desert/Snow Country/Grassland Parenting Challenge Medical Insurance Official, Xuhui Group Gobi Challenge Medical Director...

Li Zhiqiang

The original large game operator technical research and development supervisor (Mo Li You, Ninetowns), more than ten years of development and management of Internet teams, has great concurrent access performance optimization and distributed cache practical experience. Familiar with web performance optimization, led the organization and development of over ten million user platform systems...

Yang Zuohui

The author of the gold chain of finance, the invited ambassador of the ASEAN Blockchain Global Summit, the blockchain media, and the first batch of participants of the entire camp. Head of Rehabilitation Department of Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopaedic Hospital, Co-founder of Yeshealth Sports Rehabilitation Center, Chief Expert of Quaker Rehabilitation, EMT tutor, Young Member of Sports Injury Branch of China Medical Aid Association, Youth Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Committee of Shanghai Pudong New Area Medical Association Members...

Wang Zhiwei

Former Co-founder and Director of shared Umbrella platform, former Co-founder and Director of Operations, former shared Cycling platform "oxo is on the way" Co-founder and Director of Operations, former Large-scale Internet platform, "Qian duo", Director of online Marketing, is now in the block. Chain investment "old five investment view" community initiator now block chain finance columnist...

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